Chronology of the development of the work „Der Bevölkerung“ by Hans Haacke.

July 31st 2020
Since the opening on September 12, 2000 – during the 14th legislative period – until today, 390 Members of the Bundestag from all parliamentary parties have contributed soil from their constituencies.

September 12th 2000
Wolfgang Thierse, President of the Bundestag, inaugurates DER BEVÖLKERUNG (To the Population) by scattering soil from the Jewish cemetery in his constituency in the installation.

August 25th 2000
Installation of the webcam for the ongoing project documentation. Launch of the website

July 3rd 2000
Written invitations to participate in the project are sent to the Members of the Bundestag. Delivery of burlap sacks designed by the artist to transport soil from their constituencies.

April 10th 2000
Comissioning of the companies involved in the project.

April 5th 2000
On the Bundestag agenda: debate and vote on the project. The Bundestag votes to realize the project in a close vote of 260 to 258 in favor and 31 abstentions.

SPD: ay: 9, no: 188, abstentions: 20.
CDU/CSU: ay: 211, no: 2, abstentions: 0.
FDP: ay: 31, no: 3, abstentions: 0.
Die Grünen: ay: 7, no: 25, abstentions: 8.
Die Linke: ay: 0, no: 42, abstentions: 3.

February 17th 2000
Individual members of parliament announce their opposition. The Council of Elders discusses Hans Haacke’s project and recommends a parliamentary debate.

January 25th 2000
On the recommendation of the Bundestag Council of Elders, the project is returned to the agenda of the Art Advisory Board for discussion. The Board reaffirms its vote for the project by a large majority.

November 2nd 1999
The Art Advisory Board of the Bundestag approves the realization of the project DER BEVÖLKERUNG (To the Population) by a large majority.

Participants of the Art Council during the 14th election period: Wolfgang Thierse (SPD),
Anni Brandt-Elsweier (SPD), Dagmar Schmidt (SPD), Gisela
Schröter (SPD), Gert Weisskirchen (SPD), Renate Blank (CDU), Volker
Kauder (CDU), Dr. Rita Süssmuth (CDU), Dr. Antje Vollmer (Die Grünen),
Franziska Eichstädt-Bohlig (Die Grünen), Ulrich
Heinrich (FDP), Heinrich Fink (Die Linke).

June 3rd 1999
Contract is signed between the Bundestagsbaugesellschaft (Federal Construction Agency) on behalf of the German Bundestag and ARGE-Kunst, the company founded by Hans Haacke and Oliver Schwarz for the purpose of developing the project in the northern courtyard of the Reichstag.

June 22nd 1998
Hans Haacke accepts the invitation. Concept development begins.

May 17th 1998
Hans Haacke is invited by the German Bundestag to develop a concept for the artistic design of the northern courtyard in the context of the percent-for-art program for the Reichstag building.